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 Post subject: Update 1.1.31079502
PostPosted: Sat May 21, 2016 5:55 am 
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Hello there,

we have released first update for 7 Mages in which we get the game very close to final release :) Still, we keep it in Early Access to collect your comments before giving 7 Mages final touch (at least we hope).

So what have we done?

Not the most important thing (yes, we know), still most time consuming. Making the game looks better took us most of the time we spent with reworking game for PCs.

We have removed static lightmaps from all levels and replaced them with dynamic lighting.

We have also changed shaders from easy mobile versions to complex PC calculations. It results in plastic surfaces even in indoors, glossiness and in case of Dragon gut also in proper self-illumination surfaces.

We have increased resolution of almost all textures so the surfaces are drawn in higher detail now.

Intro and outro better visual quality.

We have add lots of keybindings. They are fully customisable. As regard for defaults:
* M for map
* +,- and arrows for zoom in, out and moving map
* B and arrows for spellbook/game book and list in books
* Z for sleep
* page up, page down for previous, next character on HUD
* I for inventory
* C for characteristics
* ENTER for entering combat menu outside combats
* arrows and ENTER for moving focus in combat menu and choosing commands
* R for repeat last executing command (per character)
* P for pause unpause music
* BACKSPACE for pass all turns
* F5, F9 for quick save and quick load
* ESC for all menus

* strength, magic, speed, charisma are now limited to 100 (mainly because of speed).
* Speed up music gives less speed points.
* Rush temporarily increase all magical bonuses.
* Most of wild mages drop their staffs just when you are playing Looter (in order to balance game economy in second half of the game)
* There is no teleport in top floor of Skeldal (because way back supposed to be riddle itself :-))
* Enemies in third level of Crypt are spawned behind secret walls.
* There is a hint given by True Seeing around central pagoda in Storm city (English and Czech language at very moment).
* Beholders set is now best armour in the game.

* Another two proof readings for english! One for common texts and one for RPG language.
* We have moved minimap to upper right corner to make more space on HUD.
* Characteristics now display progress to next bonus gain.
* Sound mixer in settings.
* You can skip opponents replica in dialogue (ENTER or click)
* Storm and Incineration are now more powerful.
* You can edit note in the map now.

* You can't walk against streams under the sea.
* Skeldal tower is moving after you pull the lever even in PC version!
* You can use Big map in Storm city
* Morighael had 0 attack (by the bestiary) what is not true. Fixed.
* Some squares in the Storm can't be pass through when skip movement is turned on. Fixed.
* Tornado is visible now all the time.
* You can't push lever from the elevator in the Crypt.
* Reload in the village runs the mill wheel again.
* Enemies sometimes and in specific positions drops their moves (so you need to go to them).
* You can't see through secret door with automapping (in Crypt) now.
* Bell sound is hearable even after its not moving (for a while).
* When you save position in the swamp and load it, you will not die now :-)
* Smart arrow has good direction even without enemies nearby.

And way to many other bug fixies :-)

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