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playing a flute - die in a fight?
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Author:  McVitas [ Sat Mar 19, 2016 9:53 am ]
Post subject:  playing a flute - die in a fight?

Hello it seems I am quite bad at this game since the very beginning :) I found a flute and noticed there is a new icon active which starts a tune. I figured out it heals me when activated. The journal/spellbook describing the actions and abilities says I have no idea where to learn any melody, so is this some kind of default not described melody I can play from the beginning?

Then I got to this weird situation - I was playing a flute and then I met an enemy dog. The fight started but I could not attack, because spell icon was not there, I could not go to inventory to switch over to a sword and any button I tapped only caused the round to end and in next round I was attacked by the dog. The melody could not be stopped either. I could only walk around, but did not figure out what the heck to do to be able to fight back! Is it a bug or did I just click the wrong buttons? Please tell me what would you tap in this situation (see photo)

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Author:  Queeg [ Sat Mar 19, 2016 10:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: playing a flute - die in a fight?

To stop playing music you need to tap/click the crossed out harp next to your mage's portrait.

When you have more than one action in a round you can start playing when going into the fight (for example haste which takes effect at the beginning of a round), you reap the effects of extra actions for everybody, you stop playing the music for your first action with that button, cast spell(s) for all but the last action you have and for the last action you switch back to playing music.

That way even your musicians can take actual part in battle and still have the benefits of music. Obviously doesn't work with music that is being applied to every action like berserk but works with all protection music as once you become speedy enough you will act sooner than any enemy making your last action being defensive music worthwhile.

Author:  McVitas [ Sat Mar 19, 2016 10:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: playing a flute - die in a fight?

Yeah "to tap/click the crossed out harp next to your mage's portrait" sounds logical BUT it does not work! Simple tapping on the icon does nothing. You have to tap furiously a lot of times! Then it seems to work and the music stops. It does not matter if during the fight or not. Please check that.
Another question: what is the bottom right green icon supposed to do? It just ends round, but this is the same what the fourth icon in the top right column does, so what is the difference?

And again please don't hesitate to answer all my questions so I don't have to repeat them ;)
Why is this default healing tune not included in the "magical tunes list"?

Author:  dragon [ Sun Mar 20, 2016 6:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: playing a flute - die in a fight?

It works (or at least it should work) like this:

When character playing some magic tune is on his or her move he or she can do one of three following steps:

1) Continue playing - this is the green icon with a harp and an arrow on the bottom edge of your screen. By taping this you simply spend your move by playing magical tune. This is useless in your case so you should better do...

2) Stop playing - when you tap harp icon with a cross side by the portrait of an character that is on his or her move then character stops playing and common combat menu shows up. Then you can spend your move another way.

Please keep in mind you have flute in your hand so you can't perform maneuver but you can reequip (it cost you one move) and you can of course cast elemental spell. Generally it is better not walking with music far from safe areas when you have not enough party members.

3) You can walk (footprints icon) while playing.

You should not be forces to tap furiously on any icon. Just one calm tap should be enough. If you need to do it then something is wrong with you particular installation and we will be happy to help you solve this problem. What device are you using to play 7 Mages?

Healing tune should be listed from very beginning. Open book, tap on harp bookmark, eventually tap on left or right page to list inside book.

Reeding you troubles (and I can't say how sorry I am you experience them) I am starting to believe that the main issue is that your device doesn't response well on tap with 7 Mages.

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