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PostPosted: Fri Mar 11, 2016 10:07 pm 

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Fireball: 5/5 in Crypt, 3/5 in Swamp, 1-2/5 Anywhere else
Flaming Weapon: 5/5 in real tough fights outside Dragon Gut (duh)
Ignition: 1/5 Just why would you cast this over anything else?
Fireworm: 3-4/5 The damage is great, the range of the spell likewise, the need for three worms is bothersome but in the end doable. But then your enemy moves one space and your 2 turns casting these is wasted, you had better have points in speed with your mage.


Frezing Attack: 3/5 With Fireworm the only other damaging spell that actually causes noticeable damage, not enough at higher levels.
Energy Drain: 2/5 Slow and clunky, can be used in a pinch when struggling for mana mid-combat but the damage is so low you might as well use a potion instead. If you don't have potions you are doing something wrong. Outside combat just use Recovery.
Magical Illness: 4-5/5 Target enemies behind corner and otherwise non-reachable mobs, use outside battles in open areas. Permanent effect until death.
Frozen Blood: 5/5 Devastating curse on strong enemies


Armor: 3/5 until you get Protection music (which is very early), then 1/5
Web: Not sure on this one, I've never used it once. I'd be biased here.
Wall: 1/5 Just useless, turtling doesn't win fights, brawns do. Plus you're likely to destroy it yourself eventually.
Summonning: 2/5 An acceptable meatshield, nothing to write home about. Found later in the game where it matters even less.


Enemy Status: 5/5 Invaluable
Storm: 1/5 Found near the end of the game, read Ignition.
Invisibility: 3/5 Not really worth spending a turn for it, better than Armor, with Protection not needed 1/5
Call In: 5/5 Invaluable utility


Magic Missile: 1/5 Worse fireball
Automapping: 4/5 not needed but helpful, can find secret areas
True Seeing: 5/5 Always have this on, never be sorry.
Control: 2/5 More cute than useful

Agree/disagree? Post below.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, 2016 2:33 am 

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Agree completely.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, 2016 6:19 am 
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I would never argue with player. Actually I am more then interested to see your votes :)

Meantime, just a little plea for Control spell. Watch out how I played top level in Skeldal tower within last testing :)


PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, 2016 4:55 pm 
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Fireball: 4/5 the only good ranged magic attack. Available from the start and keeps you company till the end of the game.
Flaming Weapon: 6/5 its damage output combined with multi-hit maneuvers is far higher than damage other spells can produce. Overpowered.
Ignition: 0/5 useless, I never used it
Fireworm: 1/5, setup requires static enemies which sux, needs to be cast 3 times, crappy if you ask me.


Freezing Attack: 2/5, requires melee range, I used it once and then went back to Maneuvers.
Energy Drain: 0/5 useless, I never used it due to mana pots and Recovery song.
Magical Illness: 5/5 The only damage over time spell in the game, makes great use of Rush, can be cast behind walls/corners.
Frozen Blood: 5/5 Double the punishment, double the fun.


Armor: 5/5 makes your characters nearly immune to physical damage (tanking swamp soldiers and gryphons is where this really shines). @Queeg: it's better to cast Armor and play Genius or other useful song.
Web: 1/5 Useless at the start, costs too much mana. Useless at the end, you don't need it. 1 point for being one of the ways to defeat the Troll.
Wall: 3/5 If your defenses suck, you can use Wall as meat-shield.
Summonning: 1/5 useless. 1 point for being requied to open the city center.


Enemy Status: 3/5 Annoying to recast as it keeps dropping when out of combat. Useful info for new players, but not really required.
Storm: 2/5 I never used it, but it can be cast behind walls/corners, so a caster group could make use of it.
Invisibility: 3/5 great value during the village defense, but not really required anywhere else
Call In: 5/5 Required to finish the game + saves a lot of time when doing areas without fast travel (Dragon).


Magic Missile: 0/5 useless, I never used it.
Automapping: 3/5 agree with Queeg
True Seeing: 2/5 Gives tips when you get stuck, but it's not really required. Annoying to recast it over and over.
Control: 4/5 Turning your enemy into a meatshield is always useful. Short duration.

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