We knew that Styn was said to be rather taciturn (and someone even claimed she didn’t speak at all, which fortunately turned out to be false). Interviewing her like anyone else is a difficult endeavour; the following result had to be pieced together from mere fragments of answers. She is a person who speaks rarely and when she does, she weighs every word.

When will the game be released?

Styn: 15 March 2016

What devices will it run on?

Styn: Mobile phones with the iOS and Android operating systems (followed by Mac & Windows in early access - the same as mobile, but for PC without any special adjustments).

How much will it cost?

Styn: 4 levels will be free. Ten levels will be paid (one dollar each). They can be unlocked as you go or all at once at a discount for seven dollars.

What languages will be available?

Styn: Czech, English, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, Russian and Polish.

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