In the typical mad rush leading up to the announcement of the game (the preparation of trailers, screenshots and press releases), Napoleon Games gave players an opportunity to ask the developers of Seven Mages a few questions.

Player: What kind of game is Seven Mages?

Napoleon Games: Seven Mages is a grid-based dungeon with roots in games such as Dungeon Master, though with several differences such as turn-based combat. The player sees the world from the first person view as they move between the playing field grids.

Player: So the world is probably rather compact.

Napoleon Games: Besides the crypts at the beginning, players also experience many other environments: they emerge to the surface of the town and into the surrounding forests; they sail on boats, wade through swamps and struggle across frozen mountain peaks. And there will be much more: almost every level has its own graphic environment.

Player: Won’t it take forever to get somewhere?

Napoleon Games: Not really. You can move freely about when not engaged in a battle. The turn system engages only when an enemy is near and then switches off again once the fight is over. Players can quickly cross over areas they’ve already explored on the map.

Player: Tell me more about the battles.

Napoleon Games: You have dozens of spells at your disposal in the game; they are often effective in various combinations, and some are more powerful against specific enemies. In other words, the spells are a highly potent tactical tool. What’s more, the group of mages (seven in total) can be split up and deployed on the board as you deem fit.

Player: What about choosing an class?

Napoleon Games: You command a company of seven mages and therefore the selection of traditional classes is not available. On the other hand, in addition to elemental magic (fireballs and stuff) you also use magic to control cold weapons to achieve amazing things. Moreover, musical magic will have a positive or negative impact on your company or enemies and even the actual environment.

Player: Last question: What devices can I play Seven Mages on?

Napoleon Games: The game is being developed primarily for iOS and Android mobile platforms. But as we are developing it on the Unity 3D engine, a later conversion remains possible.

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