Lucias has won the poll as the Most Beautiful Mage of the Year twice in a row, and as soon as you meet her, you understand why. Of course she looks great in pictures, but in these days of magic retouching, the same could be said of almost anyone. But Lucias also has that spark that is so hard to describe, making you feel as if you’ve known each other for years. Her smile is irresistible and her manner friendly and straightforward. We met at a small café on the banks of a large lake, which is quite fitting, considering where she can be found in the game.

Did you choose this location on purpose?

Lucias: You mean because of the water? (laughs) Not really. I’ve known this place for years and I like it here.

But adventurers will find your character underwater…

Lucias: Yes, during their travels, when assembling the group of seven brave heroes who would take a stand, outnumbered, against rogue mages, they will have to journey to the bottom of the sea. It’s not an easy feat; my character is hiding there from all the mages she’s ever defeated, from challengers yearning for glory. She keeps looking over her shoulder for someone in search of revenge. She’s hidden well and deep.

In the game, you’re the master of musical magic. Let’s focus on that. How does it work? How is it different from regular magic and maneuvers?

Lucias: While in standard magic you work with the elements and can do that with your bare hands, and maneuvers are something you do with a weapon, to do musical magic you need to have a musical instrument in your hand. In this case, the spell is a song that you play on this instrument. When the music is in the air, it affects everyone within earshot. Those are the absolute basics. Some songs can only be played on one type of instrument (for example, healing magic which is played on wind instruments), but other tunes can be played on more instruments (two to three) at the same time so they can complement each other. This makes the spell-song much stronger.

That sounds complicated. I don’t think we can assume that all players are good at music.

Lucias: Well, there’s no need for them to be (again we hear her tinkling laughter and she even gently caresses the back of my hand). We also don’t require anyone to know how to handle a sword or cast a fireball. It’s actually very simple – you find, say, a trumpet on the ground, you pick it up like any other item and put it in a character’s hand. You can then tap the musical magic icon in combat (or outside combat) to see a list of songs that can be played on this instrument (i.e. the instrument has a part in a particular song). You’ll get a moderate effect from this straight away, but you can also give a violin to another character and a drum to a third one, and pick the same song from the list for both of them. This means that all three are now playing the same tune, let’s say Berserk, and the rest of the party turns into unstoppable killers.

That sounds great, but what if one character starts playing one song and another picks a different one. That can’t be very nice to listen to.

Lucias: You are right about that, but thankfully, you can’t do that. You can only play one song at any given time (albeit on different instruments). If another character starts playing a different tune, the first mage simply stops. The effect of the music also diminishes with the distance from its source. Purely hypothetically, two mages could also choose to play the same part, i.e. the same song on the same instrument, but this doesn’t increase the effect. It is technically possible to do, but remains at best an pretentious demonstration of how much energy you can afford to lose.

I think that could be enough about musical magic. Before we finish, I’d like to ask what your favourite musical spell is?

Lucias: Perhaps Resurrection. Even though it is a bit scary to watch… You know, when there’s a dead person lying in front of you and then suddenly they stand up. Let’s try another one! I’d say my favourite spell is the one that we call Moses. When a huge body of water parts in front of you and you can cross it with your feet dry, it’s really quite exciting.

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