Sitting across the table from Hoyt, one has the impression of facing a mountain, in his case actually a volcano, albeit one that is dormant... at least for now. He is a man with great charisma, a person you’d be willing to follow anywhere. Masses of muscle slowly regroup during the interview, and these imposing movements often say more about the man than his words.

As Hoyt is first and foremost a warrior, let me ask how the battles occur in the game.

Hoyt: They are turn-based. In other words, while movement is free (i.e. in real time) when you are not engaged in battle, the game stops when a clash breaks out and the system switches to a turn-based regime. You have plenty of time to think about what to do with the figure currently in line to act.

What are the various possibilities?

Hoyt: One possibility is a battle maneuver – magic to control a cold weapon. The range of maneuvers differs based on which weapon you are currently holding. You can also cast elemental spells. And while this demands more energy, you can use this option without the restrictions of weapons. You can also play one of the magical melodies, which impact anyone within earshot. And again, the choice of melodies depends on which instrument you have in your hands. And then you can also rearm, move or relinquish your move (and thus improve your defense). Sometimes that’s not the worst thing you could do.

It is possible to take a tactical approach to battles, or is it always best to simply use the most destructive magic at your disposal?

Hoyt: Strategy is naturally of key importance! The company can split up, and this is what we often do, especially in battles. I usually go ahead, but then someone else always joins me. We keep enemies away from the elemental mages and musicians. These either provide support or attack with spells with a greater reach. Some enemies try to do the same thing, and this is when things get complicated. Here is a simple example: if you encounter a necromancer, she is going to try to keep her undead between herself and you. One possibility in this case is to split up the company and surround her. Other enemies have different tactics. Moreover, spells can be combined to achieve maximum synergy. There are plenty of options in this case.

But then sometimes it really does come down to brute force, doesn’t it? After all, you’re a warrior.

Hoyt: A warrior mage. The others and I form a company of seven mages. But you’re right, of course: sometimes it comes down to an all-out fight, albeit in an unusual form.

You must be talking about maneuvers – can you say something more about them?

Hoyt: Perhaps we should save something for next time, ok?

Very well. Can you at least tell us where we’ll find your character?

Hoyt: Let’s just say that it’s hot there – very hot. So hot, in fact, that I’m the only person who can survive there.

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