Glenead is a lady who clearly thinks things through before speaking – she literally radiates experience. All the same, she was glad to speak about her role in Seven Mages, interrupting the conversation many times with her heartfelt laughter.

The player’s task is to assemble six other mages to help protect the village, searching everywhere possible. Where can you be found?

Glenead: In the town of Caredbar. And just so you know, it’s going to take a lot to get me to join up (laughter).

So Glenead is evil? Or perhaps just an opportunist? Will she have to be bought off?

Glenead: Hold your tongue! Sure, I teach magic for cash, sell magical artefacts and, yes, lend my services for various jobs in my field, but the money isn’t my primary objective. You would have to see them when they come to me for the first time – a small group of second-rate mages led by a card shark (he claims to be just a good card player, but all smooth-tongued players say the same thing, don’t they?) (laughter). They will simply have to convince me that they’re up to it – that their mission isn’t doomed to failure.

Mission... Ok, let’s start from the beginning.

Glenead: The game unfolds on an island named Rovenland, a very special place charged with magic, allegedly from the gods themselves, who rested at the site while they were creating the world. For years the island was unknown to the world, but as soon as it was discovered, adventurers of all kinds flocked to it. Some called them prospectors, others rogue mages, but they mostly shared one thing in common: they yearned for the easily acquired power from the island. They search for magical artefacts and the remnants of divine power, but since these efforts are incompatible with work that would bring them food, they regularly raid the lone village on the south end of the island. They steal crops from the peasants who toil day in and day out, leaving them only enough to prevent their starvation. At wit’s end, the villagers send a delegation to Caredbar with their last money to hire a mage to protect them. Unfortunately, the peasants run into someone who only looks like a mage (he had cheated a real mage out of his robe in cards the day before). I said he was a huckster, didn’t I? (laughter) He took the money from the peasants without an ounce of shame.

That sounds more like the end of the story.

Glenead: The trickster’s conscience was finally stirred. He decides to help the villagers, but also realizes that he can’t do so on his own. So he sets out to find the mage he had duped.

And actually finds seven.

Glenead: Well, just six, as he regards himself as a mage, too – although not rightfully so. And it also takes him a while to find the others. In fact, assembling a company of mages to stand up to the prospectors proves to be far more complicated. While Rovenland is a place charged with magic, there aren’t too many real mages around. But in the end he becomes a real mage himself – and quite an impressive one!

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